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At The 3D Baby Studio, we believe that there is no greater bliss than the creation of life. Here, we enjoy bringing you and your loved ones together to witness this miracle. Our studio is designed to give a spa like setting while using the latest ultrasound technology to bring your developing baby to life. Our ultrasound machine provides elective services with advanced 3D/4D ultrasound/imaging technology featuring iLive, which casts real life features of your baby. 

We are located inside The Eastside Wellness Center. Click on the link below to book your appointment today.

What We Do

Serving the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse area, we offer elective 2D, 3D, 4D and iLive ultrasounds to see your little bundle of joy before they are born. Packages offered include early gender determination and more. You can even record your baby's heartbeat in a stuffed animal, which makes for the perfect keepsake! Check out our services offered to see what The 3D Baby Studio has to bring you and your loved ones. 

2d Ultrasound

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3d/4d Ultrasound

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 iLive Ultrasound

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What we've heard

  • Our sonographer went above and beyond to make our appointment at The 3D Baby Studio exceptional. Would recommend to anyone

    Jen D
  • The sonographer was very engaging. She made us feel like she was part of our family. Great service, beautiful pictures, and blissful memories!

    Anna D
  • Very warm and welcoming sonographer! Exceptional service, caring, and overall, just a great experience. 

    Katie L

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